About me

Sami Gebremariam was born in Eritrea and grew 
up in Ethiopia. Gebremariam has lived in 
Germany since 2011. After studying art in 
Addis Ababa, he worked freelance in his own 
Since his arrival in Sauerland, he has now 
resumed his work as a freelance artist: 
He was part of an exhibition with the 
Lennestadt Artists' 
Association in 2015. In October 2015, 
Gebremariam showed his first solo exhibition 
“Paths of Hope”. In 2016 he presented his 
work in various exhibitions - for example 
at the Kulturbahnhof Grevenbrück and at Kunst 
im Park, Freudenberg. Also in 2016 he took 
part in the Street Art Colonia for the first 
time. Gebremariam also gives voluntary painting 
courses for children.

Many of Sami Gebremariam's images show large, 
intricate, graphic structures full of encrypted 
messages. Symbols from East African culture 
always play a crucial role. For example, 
Gebremariam allows letters from the Geez 
alphabet to appear, or he integrates small 
graphic objects from the culture of his 
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